The Flying Cupcake (Again!)- Handsome Hazelnut Cupcake!

So, I went to Greenwood, Indiana last month.  After my mom and I ate some Qdoba, we went to The Flying Cupcake!  I love their shop, as I have said before.  It’s so whimsical!  So, my mom got the fluffernutter cupcake.  I got the jumbo (sweet!) Handsome Hazelnut cupcake!  It was a moist chocolate cupcake, filled with Nutella (they could’ve put a little more in there), topped with a thick, Nutella icing.  The icing was a tad too thick, and a tad not sweet enough for my taste.  Over all, it was a pretty decent cupcake.  I give it an 8 and 2/3 on my cupcake deliciousness scale!


Bake My Day Bakery, Martinsville, IN

Now, Bake My Day Bakery is gone now.  I think it went out of business two years ago.  They were on Cupcake Wars!  Awesome, right?  I was so excited to see them on the TV screen!  But, sadly, I think they lost in the first or second round…:( oh well.  Anyways, at their little shop, I ordered two cupcakes.  The strawberry and the Chocolate Mint.  Now the cupcake was cold and the frosting was stiff because I don’t know how long it was in that refrigerator.  The Chocolate Mint didn’t have even a hint of mint and the strawberry was kind-of dense.  The frosting was okay though.  I actually like refrigerated cupcakes sometimes, but not this time.  My favorite was the strawberry though.  Anyways, I’m going to have to twist my dad’s arm to get him to take me to the Flying Cupcake again soon.  Ha ha.  Indiana is getting more and more snow!  Next time I go I’ll try the Red Velvet Elvis.  I hope it’ll be available!



The Flying Cupcake- Auf Weidersehen Cupcake!

Told ya it’d be soon.

Anyways, there is this great bakery in Indy (Indianapolis), called The Flying Cupcake! (if not in link form please copy and paste into your browser).  Anyways, I went there with my sister, dad, and cousin.  It was awesome.  Such a dainty little shop!  Filled with pastel colors and cute chairs!  There is a glass bakery case where you can see the cupcakes they have for that day.  Now, I wanted the chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake, but that wasn’t available.  So I opted for the red velvet.  Nada.  So then I decided I’d try the Auf Weidersehen cupcake!  It’s a jumbo cupcake, so it was extra awesome (and filling.).  The German inspired cupcake was good  It’s a German chocolate cupcake (classic!), which was sort of dry, mounded with coconut pecan topping.  The topping was good, and it was nice to have something different from frosting.  It didn’t taste like it had been in a freezer for days, which was good.  It was still sort-of warm, like it had been baked just a half an hour before.  So I suggest you run to one of their locations and pick up a good ol’ Auf Weidersehen cupcake!  Of course, if it’s available.

I’d give the Auf Weidersehen a 9 out of 10 stars, on the cupcake deliciousness scale.