The Flying Cupcake (Again!)- Handsome Hazelnut Cupcake!

So, I went to Greenwood, Indiana last month.  After my mom and I ate some Qdoba, we went to The Flying Cupcake!  I love their shop, as I have said before.  It’s so whimsical!  So, my mom got the fluffernutter cupcake.  I got the jumbo (sweet!) Handsome Hazelnut cupcake!  It was a moist chocolate cupcake, filled with Nutella (they could’ve put a little more in there), topped with a thick, Nutella icing.  The icing was a tad too thick, and a tad not sweet enough for my taste.  Over all, it was a pretty decent cupcake.  I give it an 8 and 2/3 on my cupcake deliciousness scale!