Bake My Day Bakery, Martinsville, IN

Now, Bake My Day Bakery is gone now.  I think it went out of business two years ago.  They were on Cupcake Wars!  Awesome, right?  I was so excited to see them on the TV screen!  But, sadly, I think they lost in the first or second round…:( oh well.  Anyways, at their little shop, I ordered two cupcakes.  The strawberry and the Chocolate Mint.  Now the cupcake was cold and the frosting was stiff because I don’t know how long it was in that refrigerator.  The Chocolate Mint didn’t have even a hint of mint and the strawberry was kind-of dense.  The frosting was okay though.  I actually like refrigerated cupcakes sometimes, but not this time.  My favorite was the strawberry though.  Anyways, I’m going to have to twist my dad’s arm to get him to take me to the Flying Cupcake again soon.  Ha ha.  Indiana is getting more and more snow!  Next time I go I’ll try the Red Velvet Elvis.  I hope it’ll be available!



The Flying Cupcake- Auf Weidersehen Cupcake!

Told ya it’d be soon.

Anyways, there is this great bakery in Indy (Indianapolis) which is like about 45 minutes to an hour away from my hometown, called The Flying Cupcake! (if not in link form please copy and paste into your browser).  Anyways, I went there with my sister, dad, and cousin.  It was awesome.  Such a dainty little shop!  Filled with pastel colors and cute chairs!  There is a glass bakery case where you can see the cupcakes they have for that day.  Now, I wanted the chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake, but that wasn’t available.  So I opted for the red velvet.  Nada.  So then I decided I’d try the Auf Weidersehen cupcake!  It’s a jumbo cupcake, so it was extra awesome (and filling.).  The German inspired cupcake was amazing!  No!  Wondrous!  It’s a German chocolate cupcake (classic!) mounded with coconut pecan topping!  YUM!  A lady asked me how I would rate the cupcake from 1-5.  I said “Definitely 5!”  And you will too!  It was a moist cupcake that didn’t taste like it had been in a freezer for days!  It was still sort-of warm, like it had been baked just a half an hour before!  So I suggest you run to one of their locations and pick up a good ol’ Auf Weidersehen cupcake!  Of course, if it’s available.

Note, this is not a paid advertisement!  The Flying Cupcake does not know I exist!  Except for the lady who gave me my cupcake!  But she probably forgot me by now!  Just want to give you helpful reviews, man!  Ha, ha, ha!  Sorry I called you ‘man’!  Can you tell I read The Pioneer Woman’s blog?  

Thanks for reading!

The Ice Storm Blues

Hi.  I’m Grace.  I’m 11 from the Midwest of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave (AKA the USA).  Now, if you live in the Midwest, you probably know that we are being slammed by an ice storm.  Yes!  Now, I’m a Mormon.  I’m from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I’m not afraid to show it.  We have a Ward Christmas Social tomorrow, and it has been canceled!  A relief because I was supposed to read a scripture.  (Luke 3:7-12 I believe.)  But on Saturday, I was supposed to deliver 48 cupcakes to the Primary Program Practice (It’s where the primary children sing, sing solos, duets, and trios, and recite sentences or paragraphs or poems based on the years theme.  I don’t remember this year’s.  Ha ha.)  For free.  Except, the primary president will be paying my mom for the ingredients.  I was going to make 24 Red Velvet and 24 Vanilla!  But it was canceled too.  And probably Church will be too!  BUT WAIT!!  AAAAUUUUGHHHH!!!  If church isn’t canceled…the primary program will most likely still be on…and I won’t be able to make the cupcakes!!!!!!!  NOOOOO!!  I love making cupcakes!  And this was my first non-profit order!  But most importantly: MY FIRST ORDER!!!  Gaaah!  Well sorry I’m complaining to you guys on my first post.  I’ll post some reviews soon.

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